Over the years I have trained personnel both here in UK and Worldwide in all types of driver training from Basic to Police Advanced level including Armoured Vehicles (B6-B7), Evasive & Tactical techniques. Training has also been given to the Emergency services (Ambulance/Police) in both Response, Pursuit and Tactical roles.

I am an experienced instructor with extensive recent experience in many countries. I have a proven record in achieving high levels from those that attend the courses and my skills have been developed over the years from my police courses (Advanced - VIP Protection) military background, government agency job and the commercial sector. I have worked with many Police forces, Security companies (CRG, Armour Group, Phoenix, G4S), blue chip companies and have developed a client base that have benefitted from the knowledge and skills given making them more confident and safer.

Specialties: UK Government departments. (FCO/DFID preferred supplier)

NGO's inc: USAID. EU
Overseas work in Europe, (UK, Holland, Italy, France, Jersey), Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, D.R.Congo, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Tunisia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Palestine
Proving Grounds for vehicle Handling
Armoured B6/B7 Vehicles
Tactical Convoy Driving & Evasive Techniques
Blue Light Training
Skid Car Training
Eco Driving and Advanced (RoSPA - IAM standards)
NVQ 32,33,34(A1)
SAFED for Vans
4x4 Lantra Professional

Holds the following:
ADI & Fleet licences (Grade A) & RoSPA Diploma - Btec + LANTRA Professional

UK licence groups: A B BE C CE C1E D DE D1E


Email: dibertie@me.com

Mob: +44 (0)7734 295580
Tel: +44 (0)1952 249799
Skype: david.bertie3


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